Wednesday, 10 January 2007


Welcome to my Second Life Blog.

I was going to start a blog in which my avatar Team Mascot recorded some of his more exotic adventures in Second Life.... but there are lots of people doing that elsewhere. Instead, I have decided to make this blog more of an eclectic mix of thoughts and observations about Second Life (and metaverses in general), plus a record of some of the more creative uses of SL (after all, the blog would become boring without some pictures!). Finally it is also an opportunity for me to experiement with blogging tools (so you may find some random entries, badly formatted, with "hello world" type messages that have been fed from strange locations). Where I have used a particular blogging tool, I will add some details about how it worked and what I thought of it.

Just as background, Team Mascot (that's a picture of him above - visiting virtual Morocco) has been wandering around SL for the last couple of months, trying to learn about how SL technology can be used in Real Life (RL).

I've been trying to avoid the "game", "making money by scripting and creating artefacts", "gambling" and "sex" aspects of SL. In fact there is FAR more fun to be had chatting to educators and librarians (strange that !). In my experience to date, the librarians are the friendly people to deal with (perhaps it is because they have more time to spend in SL!) (only joking!). In fact I will probably be adding blog entries to expand on these observations at some stage in the future.

Well, so much for introductions. I have a first page, and an uploaded photo.... upwards and onwards as they say!

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