Wednesday, 10 January 2007

Interview with Philip Rosedale - SL CEO

BBC NEWS Programmes Newsnight Home: " Second Life
Paul Mason interviews the creator of the virtual world "

Just spotted Newsnight - Part of Newsnight's Geek Week 2.0: a review of virtual worlds and their impact on society. As a follow-up to the item on TV, the BBC web site carries an interview with Philip Rosedale, ceo of Linden Labs. (audio stream). The site also carries a downloadable video podcast of the programme.

From the SL interview......

Rosedale sees SL as not being "addictive" but being more challenging and more rewarding that RL. It is where colaboration happens, where creativity happens - where things get built first.

How will virtual reality change the Real World?

Rosedale sees current cities as becoming "Museums" - places that are fascinating, and places to explore, whilst we do our work and information gathering in the virtual world.

A text version of the two items can be found here and part 2 here

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