Tuesday, 22 July 2008

I really do still exist!

Good Grief - over a year since I wrote a blog entry - how time flies when you are having fun! (In my case, this means working in France for 2-3 days/week on an IT project - nett result is that I don't have time to play around in SL anymore)

However - a few developments worth commenting on....

First of all, the SL client now seems to work OK on my company Laptop (an HP Compaq nc6400) Now this could be because I have a newer laptop than previously, OR (more likely) that the software has become a lot more stable. Despite this, I haven't found enough time whilst working away to use hotel internet connections to get into SL (sorry!).

Secondly, the Google "Lively" environment has arrived on the scene. I tried running it last night.... conclusion: well, it works, though in some ways it is not really as intuitive as SL. I haven't tried playing with it "in anger" yet - I really must find a "room" with some people in to chat to.

Meanwhile my chum Aleister Kronos has continued to blog SL at the rate of an entry a day.... he really ought to look into hosting advertising space on his blog - I'm sure he'd make some money on it!

So that's it for now.... you never know, I might get back to post a new entry in the near future!

Team Mascot.