Wednesday, 20 June 2007

I think therefore I am real

Well, after a few weeks away from SL, I finally managed an hour In World last night, & had an interesting time meeting the "thinkers" to discuss matters of Life, The Universe, Everything...... well, actually to discuss what is "reality".

Before I get onto reality, I think it worth looking at the meeting itself. I actually gatecrashed the session (I IM'd an old friend who invited me over to the think tank!). When I arrived, there were about a dozen or so avatars deep in conversation. I actually found this to be quite hard going, as many people were trying to speak at the same time - which made unscrambling the discussion threads a bit of a challenge. Once the numbers dwindled to about half a dozen, we were able to have far more meaningful chats. Which makes me wonder just what is the optimum size for a group discussion in SL?

As for the discussion itself, we ranged from (not) hearing trees falling in a deserted forest, to the idea that we were, in fact, all sharing the same illusion. We even touched on one of my old favourites of What does your avatar do when you are off-line. All quite stimulating stuff.

Unfortunately I didn't get any photos, and the roll-call was too long to mention!

Perhaps I'll make it to their next thinker's meeting.... if it REALLY takes place that is!


Aleister Kronos said...

If looking for all participants to be active in the discussion then I'd try to use the rule of thumb for team sizes employed in DSDM (Dynamic Systems Development Method), which is a maximum of 6 people. Beyond that and the numbers of communication streams get totally unwieldy.

There's some theory behind that number, but I'm too idle to chase it down.

Team Mascot said...

Hmmm so the scriptwriters to "The Archers" ( got it right with their "rule of 6" i.e. no more than 6 characters appear in any one 15-minute episode of this well known long-running radio tale of country folk! (or was that a "rule of 7"?)