Wednesday, 23 May 2007

So much for SLeek! :-(

Well, you may have noticed that I've not been doing much blogging recently.... that's because I've been finding it hard to find time to visit Second Life (thanks to an assignment at work that takes me to France for 2-3 days a week) However - now that I'm getting my act together on the foreign travel front, I've started to make the most of free wi-fi in hotels.... so tonight I am availing myself of the wifi access provided by Campanile in their "bed in a box" outside Annecy, France (so much for the name-drops).

All WOULD be going well (apart from Liverpool having just lost the Champion's League final..... sorry Aleister!) but first the network link is a bit flakey (despite claiming to be anything from "weak" to "Strong";) THEN I find that Blogger has got too smart for its own good, and is now displaying everything in French; and finally, (as I was about to try to get a chat session going with Aleister Kronos) I Find that my SLeek stripped-down SL interface doesn't work.

A quick delve into the SLeek blog reveals that it has been broken for the last 6 weeks or so - thanks to an upgrade by Linden Labs... and the "fixed" version does not appear to be available as a compiled bit of code.

So - if anyone is considering trying SLeek right now, the bad news is that it doesn't work anymore :-(

New source code is availablle here but you'll have to compile it yourself! Perhaps if enough people ask, a new compiled version will appear!


GastoNet said...

Hey dude, read my post:

Team Mascot said...

Thanks - just read the update and found the compiled exe downloads! Can't wait to try it out !