Friday, 23 March 2007

The Drive of Your Life

After a brief spell away from SL, I visited the new Mercedes island recently to "test drive" the new C-Class car.

The experience was far from good.

The new car arrived on time, and looked rather nice. Driving, on the other hand, was not very good. Steering was all over the place, with the car bouncing from one side of the test track to the other.

The next problem was that the car left the track.... not too much of a problem, but the barriers on the trackside meant that I couldn't get the car back on the road! Fortunately, I found a gap and was soon back on course.

The track is "interesting" with a section missing in the middle of a bridge.... this doesn't seem to be much of a problem, as the car flies over the gap with ease. What is more troubling is that the road was not resolving itself quickly enough, so I was driving over open countryside, only to have the tarmac appearing in front of me for the next 10 yards or so! It felt like the scene from "Wallace and Gromitt" when Gromitt is sat on a model railway train, dropping track in front of the engine as it whisks around the house!

Now, I don't know if these problems were all down to Lag, my PC, or the fact that my broadband connection is only 512Kb. Whatever the reason, I think it demonstrates that the Merc. demonstrator is not quite up to standard yet! I think that Aleister Kronos got it right when he asked Why are cars in SL always Crap?

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