Wednesday, 7 February 2007

Fashion for furries

A very short entry, once again thinking around the topic of Avatars.

I've already said how odd it is to have a conversation with a giant rabbit, or a wolf in a suit.... and mused on the motivation behind users selecting particular styles of avtar. Chosing the "right" avatar (getting the appearance, sex, size, species! right) can take ages ( as I discovered!). Of course, there is the myriad of clothes shops producing clothes, hair, even complete avatars to suit all needs.

Appearing in SL as a "Furry" however, can have it's problems (apart from not being taken seriously) as I discovered when reading about the recent SL Fashion Week event in SLNN.COM: A Fashionable Night Out

Photo courtesy of SLNN.COM.

What amused me was the paragraph...
"caLLie cLine..... said she spends about 7 hours a week designing new clothes for her line. When asked about how to manage tails with prim skirts, cLine indicated she would be doing some clothes for furries in the future."

The concept of having to design clothes specifically to accommodate tails on furries seems bizarre... but, I suppose, is a real problem if you have a tail.... it's just that we don't normally HAVE tails in RL..... so yet another concept to get our brains around in SL!

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